My Story

What's up y'all?! My name is Cody Henley and I am the owner and creator of Henley Custom Lures. I thought I would tell y'all what got me here and my story. 

I grew up in Mississippi fishing with my dad until he passed away in a tragic car accident when I was 13 years old. That changed my entire life, even leading me to stop fishing altogether. I got mixed up with the wrong crowd which lead me to do stupid things. At the age of 24 I found God and started recovering from all of my bad addictions. Out of no where, God put the fishing passion back into my life, but this time around it was 10x greater. I couldn't go a single day without catching a bass.

God and fishing changed my life so much I decided to serve a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to tell people about Jesus Christ. After returning home from my mission I moved to Utah and found the most amazing girl in the world. Luckily, she agreed to marry me and let me continue my passion and dream of fishing professionally. That all stopped when I hurt my back playing "old man" softball (I know stupid right?) With no answers and my back continually getting worse- only allowing me to stand for 10 minutes at a time,

I had to stop working and quit going to school to become an electrician because of the pain. After months of not working, one of my doctors said, "hey, since you love fishing so much, why don't you start making and selling lures." Well, we gave it a shot and it went a lot better than we thought.

So, here we are with Henley Custom Lures, following my hopes and dreams to become a professional angler. Oh, and of course, ready to help you catch some fish on my custom lures.